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Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, getting more energy, feeling better, or performing better at the gym, our team of health and wellness coaches are here to help. We provide the type of one on one care that you won't find anywhere else. Contact a coach today for your free consultation!


Julie and Jason

It all began with two High School sweethearts who share the same passion for life; an adventure leading to 16 years of loving marriage.  Born and raised in Central New York, we knew this is where we would raise our family.  Jumping ahead to 2020 we are blessed with that family. Jason has been operating his family’s business for 15 years. Julie a business major, now specializing in family dynamics and as a volunteer Zumba instructor at her local YMCA for over 10 years.  Blessed with two amazing sons, Kaeden & Bradley; who will be venturing off to college in a few short years, we are partnering together for our next endeavor!  We are always looking for positive motivating experiences to educate and guide our children, reinforce a sense of community, and to help them find their own aspirations.

    In early spring of 2019, close friends of our family opened a new concept to our community of Oswego, NY; The Mix, a health and wellness club.  After initially simply being members of the club for personal wellness, we recognized the additional benefits this concept was for our family, and our belief that we could influence other people’s lives in a positive way through it.  We simply changed a few daily routines by incorporating Herbal Life products into our own lives, and through these products we were able to discover a healthier lifestyle!  

So now, we are excited to share with the Onondaga Community, NUTRITION FIX, opening March 2020!  This club will help aide us in educating others in Creating Their Own Healthiness. We look forward to serving you and your family.